Not Quite Normal

CATaLOG | Testing the whole system

After flashing the Linksys WAP11 with the D-link DWL900+ firmware (process documented here) to create a wireless network bridge I assembled all the parts in a temporary housing and stuck the reader to the cat flap with velcro so I could move it around to find the best angle for cat scanning.


You can see the two push buttons used to set each cat in or out should they run through an open door rather than the cat flap or evade the sensor in some way, as well as the Linksys WAP11 acting as a network bridge to link the system to the house WIFI network.

The system seems to work pretty reliably with minimal tweaking.  I think Bobbin sets the sensor off sometimes while looking through the cat flap rather than actually going out so I'm going to need to add the IR beams to improve the reliability but otherwise I'm very pleased with the initial results :)

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