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After my mediocre last two brews I decided to pull my finger out and try to fix things. I built a fermentation chamber to control the temperature of fermention more accurately and made up a different recipe using just pale malt.

I wanted to give Nelson Sauvin hops a go as they are apparently used in one of my favourite pints - Thornbridge Kipling - and have an amazing grapefruit, passionfruit and gooseberry aroma which I hope to really bring out with the US-05 yeast.

Ingredients and Method

Nelson's Challenge

Brewlength 23L

5.000 kg Pale Malt

33.00 gm Challenger 6.4% AA 60 min
25.00 gm Nelson Sauvin 11.4% AA 15 min
25.00 gm Nelson Sauvin 11.4% AA 0 min

1 Protafloc Tablet 15 mins boil

1 pack of S-05 yeast.    

OG 1052
4.9% ABV
39.8 IBUs


Another brewday without photos :( Treated the water for a Burton pale ale. Had a stuck runoff from the mash this time, managed to clear it by blowing up the tube but it stuck again. Gave it a stir and let it settle before running the rest off. Got 80% efficiency though :) Boil went ok - the thermal cutout went again in one of the elements so finished the boil on the other one - Nelson Sauvin hops smelt fantastic and I let them steep for 15 minutes at the end.

Collected 23L and tucked it up in the new fermentation chamber set to 20C. Hoping this will be a good one.