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Had a couple of friends down who wanted to do a brew so made up a simple recipe to use up the rest of my Bobek hops. I was going for a paleish Bobek ale but think I added too much crystal malt.

Ingredients and Method


Brewlength 23L

4.200 kg Pale Malt
0.200 kg Crystal Malt
0.200 kg Wheat Malt

42.00 gm East Kent Goldings 6.8% AA 60 min
20.00 gm Bobek 4.5% AA 15 min
25.00 gm Bobek 4.5% AA 0 min

1 Protafloc Tablet 15 mins boil

1 pack of S-04 yeast.    

OG 1043
4.1% ABV
38.3 IBUs


Brewday was reasonably smooth but had a couple of blips. Had a slow runoff from the mash this time but it seemed to boost my efficiency to 75%, so I'll run off slower in future. The thermal cut out on one of the elements tripped as well, but I switched to the other element to finish the boil and all was fine.

This was brewed at the end of January when it was very cold and I think the fermentation temperature may have been a little low - dropping to 16C at times. The beer itself isn't great - a bit too much crystal and not much hop aroma. I'm going to let it mature for a bit longer and see how it goes.